Choose a. You are part of the management team for a fast-food chain that has a “burgers only” identity with a loyal customer base. They plan to add a healthy food choice item to the mention.  Your job is to convince management of a smooth transition period and positive outcome with your proposal. Please read the instructions carefully before composing your proposal.

Write an informal report in which you offer your own recommendations for ensuring that the change your company proposes will not change its existing customer base.

As always, be sure you divide the informal report into categories, using bullet points or any style of clarity that makes it not only visually appearing, but clear and concise communication.

  • What are your specific suggestions for ensuring a smooth and positive transition for your company?
  • How will you advertise the new product?
  • How will you prepare the staff for new products?
  • Explain your rationale behind the healthy food choice and why it will succeed.
  • How much will the advertising cost, and what projections do you offer about the money spent to promote the new product and when the company can expect to be in the blue, or see a profit increase.

Be sure you write a professional sounding INFORMAL REPORT and use professional tone and full, grammatically correct sentences.