Assignment Instructions:

In  at least 1,500 words (not including title, abstract, and reference ), provide background information to explain your research topic and the relevance of the topic to your field of study, citing scholarly sources and institutional or organizational statistics to support your thinking.

Research Question/Topic : What are the effects of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic having on workplace continuity?

Focus on the over-arching topic you researched during Scholarly Argument I or that you identified at the beginning of this class. Then, describe the potential importance of a study to address the research question you identified. Include in your statement of importance the following:

  • Provide background information to explain your research topic and the relevance of the topic to your field of study.
  • Focus on the over-arching topic to explain what topic you want to study and why.
  • Discuss why your research question is relevant and how the question relates to the over-arching topic.
  • Discuss how results from a study to answer your research question may contribute to theory, knowledge, understanding, and/or practice in your field of study, and how study results might be used by practitioners and scholars.
  • Identify any knowledge gaps that could be addressed by answering your proposed research question.

Support your arguments with references to at least 5  (I’ve included 2 so far) different scholarly articles (academic journal articles) in addition to any required course readings.

Include title, abstract, and reference pgs



Green, N., Tappin, D., & Bentley, T. (2020). Working from home before, during and after the Covid-19 pandemic: Implications for workers and organisations. New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations, 45(2), 5-16.

Heitner, K., & Sherman, K. (2014). Dissertation field guide. San Diego, CA: Constellation.
Chapter 3: Contributing to Knowledge and Practice

Flynn, S. V., & Korcuska, J. S. (2018). Grounded theory research design: An investigation into practices and procedures. Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation9(2), 102-116.

URGENT! Due Feb 22 By 10 PM (EST) Minimum Of 1,500 Words