MGT408 – Organizational Theory & Development Unit 7 Assignment: Analyzing an Organization: Final Paper

Due Date: 11:59 pm EST Sunday of Unit 7 Points: 100

Overview: Analyze the organization you selected in this final capstone paper (Unit 7 Assignment).

Instructions: For this assignment, provide a complete overview of the organization you selected and consider these questions:

• Why does it exist? How does it create value?

• What are its core competencies?

• What is the role of technology in value creation?

• Is it efficient? How can efficiency be improved?

• What external and internal forces drive the way it is structured?

• How is it structured?

• Describe its culture, what informs your beliefs about its culture?

• How is it changing? How would you implement change?

• What ethical challenges is it facing?

Use all the concepts, theories, terms, and tools learned in this course to present a compelling and cogent assessment of your organization in terms of its effectiveness in achieving its goals.





• Develop a clear introduction with a thesis, a body, and a conclusion. Focus on

the structure of the paper and quality of writing, as opposed to the length.

• Proofread and submit a Word document in APA format. No abstract required.

Be sure to read the criteria below by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after you write.


Evaluation Rubric for Unit 1 Assignment

Criteria Exemplary Proficient Deficient

55– 60 Points 45 – 54 Points 0 – 44 Points

Response to Questions. The

Assessment of the Business is

Complete, Cogent and Thorough, Using a Wide

Variety of Course concepts. Course

Learning Outcomes Met

(worth 60 points)

Thorough and complete synopsis all key terms used; all questions are fully assessed.

Most information is present but lacks some key elements, some questions not fully assessed.

Many significant elements omitted, critical ideas missing, many questions unassessed.

18 – 20 Points 14 – 17 Points 0 – 13 Points

Knowledge and Integration of the

Course Material (20 points)

Clearly demonstrated.

Demonstrated but missing some concepts.

Inadequately demonstrated.

9 – 10 Points 7 – 8 Points 0 – 6 Points

Demonstration of Critical Thinking

and Reasoning (10 points)

Clearly demonstrated.

Demonstrated but missing some key connections.

Inadequately demonstrated.




Mechanics: Writing, Clarity,

Readability, Flow, Grammar, Spelling,

and APA formatting followed.

(10 points)

Writing and format is clear, professional, and error free.

Few errors that do not impede professional presentation.

Errors impede professional presentation.

Unit 7
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