theater 100

To complete the learning objectives listed below you should complete the following assignments:

  1. Read Chapter 1 in your textbook or PowerPoint.
  2. Watch, review and Identify theatre’s four spaces.  (Content #1 video)
  3. Distinguish your role in the theatre as an audience member. (Content #2 video)
  4. Summarize Thespis (Content #3 video) 

Theatre Spaces Click on link or video below (Content #1) (Links to an external site.)

Role of the Audience Click link below (Content #2) (Links to an external site.)

Summarize Thespis Click on link or video below(Content #3) (Links to an external site.)
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Collaborative Learning Activity 1:   Chapter 1 reading activity will examine your critical thinking in a collaborative discussion form post.  You should respond to one another comparing elements and understanding of learning objectives #1, 2 and 3.  You will participate in the Chapter 1, Discovering Theatre post.  Due by Wednesday, February 16  1.  You will share a post and list 2 different types of theatre spaces and what are their specific functions. (This fulfills objective #1: Identify)  Distinguish your role in the theatre as an audience member. (This fulfills objective #2: Distinguish)  In a brief paragraph, summarize your interpretation of Thespis and how he affects theatre actors today. (This fulfills objective #3: Summarize Choose 1 objective to respond to your classmate. Click on the Reply bottom at the bottom and respond to one or two of your classmates.  Reply to at least one or two of your peer’s post.  In your reply: Provide thoughtful feedback about the reflections shared by your peers.  

theater 100