Telehealth links: · Here is the link to MedLinePlus, a government website that provides health care information. This link directs you to information about telehealth: (Links to an external site.) · Here is the link to the Health and Human Services


QUESTION 1) What is information security? What are some of the challenges associated with keeping your own information safe within the digital world? Provide one example 200 words QUESTION 2) What are access controls in the computer world? Relate access


Assignment: Brochure Here is our first project for the course. You are to create a Brochure about your topic. You may use the templates that are provided in Microsoft Office or you may choose to create your brochure without the templates. It

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4U Investigation: Reaction Rates Names:_______________ Limestone is composed mainly of calcium carbonate, CaCO3(s). Limestone formations are also geological indicators of petroleum deposits. Geologists use hydrochloric acid in a field test to detect limestone. The reaction between hydrochloric acid and calcium carbonate