Taboo: Marks of Identity

Films on Demand is a bit tricky. You may have to enter the entire phrase for it to come up. 

Follow the following directions to access and watch either video. 

1. From MDC’s main web page ( , go to “Academics” and select “Libraries“. 

2. Select “Databases”. 

3. Select “Alphabetical”.

4. Scroll down and select the database, “Films on Demand“. 

5. Type in the video title listed above. 

Let’s  face it. We are judged on looks. In general, people like to say  otherwise. People tend to say that “It’s the inside that counts”. While  there may be truth to that statement, it doesn’t take away from the fact  that physical appearances matter to us. If it didn’t, we would never go  to the gym or wear certain outfits. The same goes for food. What I eat  and find delicious may be disgusting for the next person.

 Watch the video,  Taboo: Marks of Identity”. Out of all of the  mini-episodes you watched, which one was the most different? Could you  identify with any of the practices shown or were they too extreme for  you? Do you know someone whose personal choices and how they choose to  mark their body makes them an outcast?  Explain your reaction to the  video and answer the questions thoroughly. 

Taboo: Marks of Identity