Lesson 13 Discussion

Which one of the environmental problems discussed in the text concerns you the most? Why? A minimum of 1 page (250 words).

Lesson 13 Assignment

Which of the three major perspectives—functionalism, conflict theory, or symbolic interactionism—seems to have the best approach in how it understands population and environmental issues? Explain your answer. 1-page minimum required. APA required – remember to include a reference page and cite your sources.

Lesson 14 Discussion

Imagine you and your family were suddenly unsafe in the United States and feared for your life. What would you do? If you would leave the country, where would you go? How would you get there? How would you provide for your family in the meantime? How do you think you would be received there? 

A minimum of 250 words or one page.

Lesson 14 Assignment

Read the two case studies at the end of Chapter 25. Answer the following questions on a separate word document:
1. Think back on your own family history. If you had family immigrate to the United States, what policies were in place when they arrived?
2. What would motivate a family to immigrate without documentation? What might make them decide against it?
3. What challenges does a child face if their parents do not have documentation?
4. What are the arguments for making family reunification quicker and more accessible? What are the arguments against it?
5. What barriers did the families in the case studies have to reunification? What support did they receive?

APA format is not required. If you use any resources to complete the questions, include a reference page.