Lesson 13 Discussion 1

After reviewing the readings, please consider the following in your discussion post:

· Please share your thoughts on the readings.

· What did you learn about death and dying practices around the world and how can this help you in your practice as a Social Worker working with older adults and their families?

· Please share your thoughts relating to the Death and Dignity Acts?

· Are there any special considerations relating to grief/loss in older adults?

A minimum of 200 words or one page.

Lesson 13 Discussion 2

It is important for all people to consider advanced care planning but even more important for older adults and their families. Please review the Five Wishes sample form and resource “Talking About Your Wishes”:

Talking About Your Wishes- https://fivewishes.org/docs/default-source/resources/talking-about-your-wishes.pdf

Five Wishes Sample- https://fivewishes.org/docs/default-source/Samples/five-wishes-sample.pdf

Please consider the following in your discussion post:

· What are the most important things for families to talk about relating to advanced care planning?

· How could this tool be helpful in your current or future practice with clients/families?

· What might be some of the challenges in working with families relating to advanced care planning?

A minimum of 200 words or one page.


The Nine Stages of Grief in Older Adults- https://ageinplace.org/Blog/Post/5508/The-Nine-Stages-of-Grief-in-Older-Adults

Grief and Loneliness in the Aged- https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/understanding-grief/201903/grief-and-loneliness-in-the-aged

Different Cultural Beliefs in Death and Dying Practices- https://dying.lovetoknow.com/death-cultures-around-world/different-cultural-beliefs-death-dying-practices

Death with Dignity Acts- https://deathwithdignity.org/resources/

Rational Suicide- https://khn.org/news/rational-suicide-seniors-preemptive-death-medical-aid-in-dying/

Long Term Care: The Role of Social Workers in End-of-Life Care- https://www.todaysgeriatricmedicine.com/archive/ND18p30.shtml

Videos:- (2010 Nov 9). Facing death. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/facing-death/

Lesson 14 Discussion

Please consider the following in your discussion post:

· Please share your thoughts after reviewing the readings and video.

· What are the main differences between hospice and palliative care?

· What do you understand to be the role of a Hospice Social Worker?

A minimum of 200 words or one page.

Lesson 14 Readings and Videos

Aging Well Text Chapter 5- https://library.oapen.org/handle/20.500.12657/23190

Long Term Care: The Role of the Social Worker in End-of-Life Care-  https://www.todaysgeriatricmedicine.com/archive/ND18p30.shtml

What are the Differences and Commonalities Between Hospice and Palliative Care-  https://www.vitas.com/hospice-and-palliative-care-basics/about-palliative-care/hospice-vs-palliative-care-whats-the-difference

A Day in the Life of a Hospice Social Worker-  https://www.vitas.com/hospice-and-palliative-care-basics/the-hospice-care-team/a-day-in-the-life-of-a-hospice-social-worker

The Distinct Role of a Hospice Social Worker-  https://www.hrrv.org/blog/the-distinct-role-of-a-hospice-social-worker/

Palliative Care and Hospice Care– https://www.nia.nih.gov/health/what-are-palliative-care-and-hospice-care


Lesson 13 Discussion

· Read the vignette on “Seth” at the beginning of the Development in Middle Adulthood section of your textbook. Answer the following: What stage of Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development are they currently in? Are they meeting the goals of this stage? Examples? Are they demonstrating any struggles with their goals in this stage? Examples?

A minimum of 200 words or one page.

Lesson 14 Discussion

As stated in your textbook: “Midlife adults in the United States often find themselves in college classrooms. In fact, the rate of enrollment for older Americans entering college, often part-time or in the evenings, is rising faster than traditionally aged students”.
Why do you believe the rate of enrollment for older individuals is rising faster than traditionally aged students? Are there any barriers that a middle-aged person might experience enrolling in college compared to doing it when they were a young adult? Despite your age, what challenges have you faced with your schooling thus far, and have you found any solutions to help make it less challenging? The minimum length expectation is 1 page (200 words).


Lesson 13 Discussion 1

Which one of the environmental problems discussed in the text concerns you the most? Why? A minimum of 1 page (200 words).

Lesson 14 Discussion

Imagine you and your family were suddenly unsafe in the United States and feared for your life. What would you do? If you would leave the country, where would you go? How would you get there? How would you provide for your family in the meantime? How do you think you would be received there?

A minimum of 200 words or one page.