The assignment is straightforward, if challenging to execute well – complete one of these three analyses about the company and the country you chose for your Global Business Plan (GBP): a SWOT analysis. Basically, you are assessing the feasibility of this company entering and doing business in your country/region of choice. In strategic terms, how good is the fit between the company and the country you have chosen?


Be careful NOT to do your entire project analysis in this assignment; just interpret the strategic fit based on the SWOT analysis, the PEST analysis OR the country screening analysis you performed here.


For the country screening analysis, you will need to choose an appropriate benchmark country, basically, another country like your target country, just different. (For Target entering Canada, you might argue the U.S. is an appropriate benchmark or, given the USMCA/NAFTA trade agreement, you might also argue that Mexico is appropriate as a benchmark).


Basically, discuss how attractive or unattractive your target country is compared to your benchmark country.


You will be graded on how well you do your analysis, including your written explanation (in the main body of your report) of the main facts (or secondary data) you turn up in your research.


As part of your “capstone project”, you should employ standard academic research standards, including use of proper citations; use of reputable, scholarly sources of secondary information and data, where feasible; spell checking, grammar checking, etc.


To complete this assignment:


1) Reference the slides presented in class on how to do a SWOT analysis, and how to do a PEST (or PESTLE or STEEP) analysis. As needed, also reference the appropriate chapters in the Analysis without Paralysis, 2/E book recommended for use in our course Syllabus.

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