After meeting with the CEO, they have given you their complete commitment to implementing your corporate social responsibility initiative across all sites within the United States. As the VP of Communications of your company, you’ve decided to use Disney as a model for your initiative. In preparation for a second meeting with your CEO, you’ve been asked to provide a visual that they can present to leadership.


  • Create an infographic that evaluates Disney’s corporate citizenship.
  • Address the following:
  • Four Types of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environmental sustainability initiatives
  • Direct philanthropic giving
  • Ethical business practices
  • Economic responsibility
  • Provide attribution for credible sources used in the professional infographic.


Infographics provide visual representations of information; they are intended to make the information easier to understand and more quickly digested. They can be developed from scratch if the creator has an artistic flair and the proper software, but are more often created utilizing infographic creation tools/sites.

Infographic tools can be found online by searching for “infographic creator”, “infographic tool”, or “infographic software”.

Some popular infographic tools/sites include:

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: From Theory to Philanthropy