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Access to film: 

For this, view the film and write a 500-word minimum reflection. In your writing, identify a theme that the film addresses, questions the film raises, and/or a scene or quote that stuck with you. Keep in mind that your reflective writings should have a central idea (thesis-like) that drives the writing.

Discussion Questions to help

  1. The movie “Osama” begins with a quote by Mandela: “I cannot forget, but I can forgive.” Why do you think the director chose to open the movie with this quote? What do you think of Osama’s mother and grandmother? Would you have made the same decision to dress your daughter as a boy in order to survive? Why or why not?
  2. Espandi is the boy “tour guide” in the beginning of the movie. Once Osama begins life as a boy, Espandi blackmails her and threatens to expose her unless he is paid. Later, Espandi tries to protect Osama from being discovered. Why do you think Espandi had a change of heart?
  3. During the judgment scene, a reporter is stoned to death for filming Afghani women protesting the Taliban. Do you think it’s significant that Osama’s story began and almost ended with that of the Reporter’s? 
  4. Osama’s life was “spared” when she was sold to Mullah Sahib as his wife. Do you think she was indeed spared? Why or why not?
  5. Do you think the family’s decision to dress Osama as a boy was the only way to survive? Ultimately, did this tactic work? How did Osama survive?
  6. Do you know any soldiers who were stationed in Afghanistan? How has viewing this film changed the way you imagined what the United States has been doing in Afghanistan?

Spring 3