This week, you’ll use Durkheim, Marx, or Giddens’ definitions and theories to think about what kinds of organizations can be categorized as religions.  A PDF document is attached below profiles three groups or practices: the Church of Body Modification, Satanism, and Scientology.  Read over the descriptions and choose ONE group to write about for your post. 200 words minimum. 

First Post

  1. Identify the organization you chose to write about. Is this organization a religion according to the sociological definition? Why or why not?  (Note: you may use Durkheim’s definition from the textbook or any other sociological definition.)
  2. What type of religion is it (ecclesia, denomination, sect, new religious movement)? If you decided that it is not a religion, what type does it most closely resemble? Explain your choice.
  3. How would a functionalist theorist understand and discuss this organization?
  4. How would a conflict theorist understand and discuss this organization?
Sociology 6