400 words APA format must support assertions with at least 3 

scholarly citations in APA format. Each written reply must incorporate at least 2 scholarly 

citation(s) in APA format. Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years. 

Acceptable sources include the course textbooks, video presentations, peer reviewed journal 

articles, and the Bible.

Likely, we have all had someone assume something about us based upon a characteristic of our identity.

Think through one or two characteristics that you hold, share them with the class, and how these have been cause for a misinterpretation of who you are or what you do (For example, a reaction to the characteristic “vegetarian” might be “you must eat only healthy foods).

Then, answer the following questions:

1.) How often do you make assumptions about people based on a single piece of their identity? Use at least one personal example. 

2) How can you become more comfortable “broaching” rather than shying away from bringing up the differences or similarities you might have with others? 

3) What biblical passages or biblical insights are relevant to the discussion and how does reflecting on them in relation to this topic help further your insights?

This discussion is based on Exercise 1: Pieces of me (by Shainna Ali), from Young (2021) Learning the Art of Helping.