As a nurse, I would first provide the patient with privacy and safety because I would need to get more information. The information given by the patient will determine how to report the abuse case to the social service department; as we must say such, after all these, I would then take care of the wound and bruises.

I would explain to the patient that it is not her fault for her boyfriend to handle her in such a way; using therapeutic communication will be an added advantage because the patient would rest assured that I am listening to her. I would invite her parents and counsel them, realizing that a healthy family interaction constitutes the first defense against abuse and violence. (Hisley. S.W 2015). I would further provide the patient with additional support and recommend that she speak with the social worker about available resources. I would make her have some resources like the Domestic Violence Hotline, which she can use whenever such issues arise. Lastly, I would refer her to therapy and support groups.

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