What aspects of developing the proposal were most enjoyable?

In developing the project proposal many aspects were found to be most enjoyable.  In particular, the development of the project’s implementation plan was exciting to see how the project would be integrated over the eight to ten weeks.  Having a nursing education background, developing an educational plan that would be creative and meet all learning styles was an exciting component in the plan development. Another enjoyable component was the incorporation of a translational science model and aligning this model to the project plan.

What aspects of developing the proposal were most challenging?

An aspect that was found to be most challenging was the data management component. This section required a lot of planning and revising. In particular, the development of a Gantt chart was the most challenging component of this section. The Gantt chart is extremely helpful in organizing and planning the project to be timely (Sharon & Dori, 2017).  This chart provides a visualization of the overall project to stay on target week by week. 

Did your preceptor provide you timely feedback when you had questions? Did your preceptor review and provide you with feedback associated with your DNP proposal paper? Did your preceptor serve as a professional role model for you this session?

Having the daily support from my preceptor is the main reason why I have reached week seven of the course. She serves as a role model and is always available when I have questions, concerns, or moments of panic. Having this person who is truly invested in my success is priceless. She provided timely feedback on the weekly post, worksheets, and week four and six proposals. Having an expert provide feedback and encouragement along the way has been instrumental to my success in building the project plan.   

What are your specific plans for the dissemination of your project?

As DNP students, dissemination of scholarly projects is critical to advance both nursing practice and support for evidence-based practice (Becker et al., 2018).  The initial plan for dissemination will be to present on both local and national platforms and develop a manuscript to submit for consideration for publication is another avenue desired for dissemination. However, successful dissemination of the project is not simply landing on a local or national platform, rather it is ensuring the target audience is appropriate for maximized impact (Curtis et al., 2017).

Finally, if you had to offer advice to a new student starting the project and practicum courses, what would your recommendations include?

Entering the DNP program has been one of the best professional decisions that I have made.  However, with entering the program I would recommend to the new student that they have a support system, person, or professional.  For those with a spouse/partner, they should anticipate having conversations regarding sharing of responsibilities.  I have been very fortunate to have a husband who has been my biggest supporter and cheerleader as I journeyed through the program.  Many days he was the one who had to pull more of the day-to-day responsibilities with our three children as I was focused on completing school papers. This would be my main recommendation to the new student as they pursue the terminal degree as it will have an impact on their family well-being. 

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Reflection on the Proposal Process, Experience with Preceptor and the Plan for Dissemination.