This is the second part of the assignment you must do the 12-page paper 1st then this. I have posted that with this.


For this Research Project Series, you will take your findings from your
interview, research paper, and research articles and create a slideshow presentation to share with
your classmates. The goal of this assignment is for you to learn how to share research findings
with others and to learn how to develop a professional slideshow. A secondary goal is to learn
how to provide constructive academic critiques of your colleagues’ work (in this case, fellow

Part 1: The Slideshow Presentation
Prepare an educational, interesting, and graphically interesting slideshow presentation of your
research paper findings to share with your peers. Make it interesting and remember that your
audience, in this case your peers, has basic knowledge of crisis work so there is no need to
explain general information on trauma. Get right to your topic content as you are the “expert” in
that area and your goal is to educate your classmates who didn’t study your topic so they can
have training in your chosen area, training your peers (the class). Your overall goal is to teach
your audience the basics of your population’s symptoms, needs, and how to best help them
through crisis intervention and biblical application.
 A minimum of 10 slides of content is required. This does not include your title slide or
references slide, both of which are also required.
 Incorporate specific Scripture (Bible verses/passages) from your paper.
 Make your presentation graphically appealing. Clip art, photography, and other media are
welcome to interest your audience. Cite copyrighted material.
 Put your references in APA  format.
 Avoid cluttered slides by using only a small amount of information on the slides. Do not
make them cluttered as audiences can’t absort too much information from slides. Just
post the key points.