Brief Therapy for Addictions, 6, Motivational Interviewing Video (start at 20:35)  I can’t find the hole video only half of the video on YouTube



This Session Evaluation Assignment is designed to give you the opportunity to review a video

recorded session as an observer and assess the counselor’s verbal and non-verbal interactions

with his client. You will then take that information and respond to the Session Evaluation

Assignment with feedback on the session as well as what they may do differently and why. The

Session Evaluation Assignment will conclude with you completing an evaluation on the

counselor in the video.


For this Session Evaluation Assignment, you will evaluate a session during which William R.

Miller is meeting with his client “Mike.” You will be listening for things you felt Miller did well

and things he may have said that you would not recommend. It is suggested that you take notes

as you listen to the session as you will need to select 5 statements that you would have changed,

followed by a list of what you would have said instead and what counseling skills you would be

using in those altered statements. Lastly, you will be completing a Core Counseling Skills (CCS)

evaluation on Miller’s work in the 2nd part of the Session Evaluation Assignment. Please note

that you must have supporting explanations for the ratings that you choose to assign.

 As this Session Evaluation Assignment uses a template, no page number is required, but

be sure to answer each question fully and with the details requested

 Please use APA formatting for any citations or support you choose to include

 No specific number of citations are required, but you must include support where the

assignment identifies it is necessary

 Sources will include the video session and any text support you may choose to include

for your rationale regarding the counselor’s work

Please review the template for this Session Evaluation Assignment prior to viewing the video

session. This should help you to prepare for what information you will be asked to report on as

well as how to assess the counselor’s overall work and use of core counseling skills

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