This week you will submit your presentation based on your report or proposal. It will consist of five to six visually appealing slides, accompanied by an audio recording of approximately 5 minutes in total (or about 1 minute per slide).

The basic slide structure should be as follows.

  • Title slide, with title of presentation, student name, name of the class, and the date
  • An overview or contents slide, previewing the main points to be covered
  • A few body slides that cover the main points of the report or proposal
  • A references slide

In creating your presentation, keep in mind the following advice.

  • A presentation is meant to be a high-level overview. It is not intended to be as detailed as the formal report or proposal. That’s why it can be kept relatively short.
  • Reports and proposals are primarily text-based documents, but presentations are highly visual. Make your slides visually engaging by providing charts, graphs, and illustrations.
  • Be frugal with text. For each slide, try to limit the number of bullets to about four and the number of words in each bullet phrase to 10 or fewer. Use phrases with strong verbs rather than whole sentences.

See the Assignment Connection in the Week 7 Lesson for more tips and advice on creating an effective presentation with audio narration.