• What am I looking for in a paper? I will grade based on content, organization, readability, and grammatical correctness.

    • Content includes your ideas as well as your research.  Clear thesis statement. (This is not a book report).
    • Organization includes external transitions (section to section) and internal transitions (paragraph to paragraph and sentence to sentence).
    • Readability means how well the paper flows. Avoid wordiness and the passive voice. Don’t start your sentences with “it is” or “there are.”
    • Grammatical correctness includes spelling and other grammar errors including subject-verb agreement.
    • This paper must be 2000 words at a minimum.  Be sure you are meeting the word count. 
    •   The body of your paper must be a minimum of 4 full pages of text.  This does NOT include a title page, abstract, body and reference page in APA style.
    • Make sure to cite any sourced used on your works cited page
    • Topic: Pfizer Pharmecutical 
    • Product liability law:  Failure to warn
    • Business ethics:  Discuss roles of the law and ethics in business decision making.
    • Negligence (Negligence in product manufacturing and negligence in product packaging)

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Research Paper