Option 2: Analysis of a themeLength: 5 pagesSources: 3-4Due: February 18th by 11:59 PM (via Canvas –no .pages files, please!)

Article to read:  The Yellow Wallpaperby Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Ambiguity is defined as the quality of being open to multiple interpretations. Nonetheless, these interpretations are still limited by the language available on the page. Thus far, we have encountered several short works that emphasize their own openness to being read or understood in different ways, while still relying on writing that emphasizes an overarching theme, or recurring idea that is developed throughout the text. For example, as strange and mysterious as “the Yellow Wallpaper” feels, there are countless “clues,” that suggest the ways in which this story of a hallucinating (?) woman speaks to larger, real-world themes such as the rigidness of gender roles or the conflict between reason and imagination.For this assignment, choose one of the short stories (or the poem) we have studied and:

2.) Make an argument for how the author explores, deepens, or complicates our understanding of this theme using some of the elements of literature we have discussed in class, such as imagery, metaphor or symbol, word choice, sentence construction, dialogue, plot, and structure (the “shape” of the plot, or how the events of the story unfold.) For example, if you were to choose to write on “the Oval Portrait,” you might be interested in the theme of artistic representation. You might then write a paragraph or two dedicated to the imagery of ornate art objects within the bedchamber, one or two dedicated to the effect of Poe’s complex sentences, and one or two dedicated to the meaning of the story-within-the story. Be sure to use quotations from the text!

Option 2: Analysis of a theme Length: 5 pages Sources: 3-4 Due: February 18th by 11:59 PM (via Canvas –no .pages files, please!) Article to read: The Yellow Wallpaperby Charlotte Perkins Gilman Ambi