Topic: Health Care Quality

Question: (300 words)

Visit the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Select one of the achievable measures from Diseases and Conditions.


  • one area where nationally we are at benchmark.
  • one area where we are close to benchmark.
  • one area where we are far from benchmark.

On the area where we are far from benchmark, suggest a policy to move us closer to Quality.


Assignment – Health Policy Analysis (5 full pages)

Health Policy Analysis Assignment Overview

Policy analysis is a key method for making recommendations and influencing policymakers. The analysis provides informed advice and includes a recommendation for policy and an action plan for change. The arguments should be well constructed, persuasive, and evidence based.

Your submission should be in APA format and 5 to 7 pages long, not including the cover and reference pages. It must include evidence from at least 5 peer-reviewed articles within the last 5 years.

Include the following in your submission:

  1. Problem Statement: Describe the problem, and state why it is important. You may set up the problem in the form of a question to include the criteria for solving the problem.
         Example: How can we increase uptake of the flu vaccine among the elderly population?


  2. Policy Background: Describe the problem in context including policy efforts to date.


  3. Policy Landscape: Who are the key stakeholders? Describe the research and the evidence. Consider social, political, economic, and practical factors.


  4. Policy Options: Discuss the various options to consider. What are the pros and cons? What organizations may be aligned with one option or another? Discuss the trade-offs,
         risks, and benefits.


  5. Policy Recommendation: Articulate a best policy. Support the recommendation with facts, and describe why it is the best policy in view of any trade-offs.

Week 11: Required Readings

NR524: Health Policy, Advocacy and Economics in Healthcare