We all have different levels of tolerance for risk based on many factors – personality, life experiences, situations, etc.  Leaders make others feel safe in taking risks.  They also make it okay to make mistakes because it is often what we learn from those mistakes that have lasting impacts.  

People don’t necessarily dislike change, they dislike the challenges that come with it.  We can’t achieve anything new or extraordinary by doing things the way we’ve always done them.  We often need to test strategies and bold ideas and take calculated risks when we take on uncertainty.   Challenging the Process involves some risk.  

Take the Risk Assessment and respond to the following questions applying content from Chapter 6.  

1) Which of the statements (pick one) do you feel has the most relevance to reasonable risk-taking and leadership growth?  Why do you think that?

2) Do you feel most organizations support reasonable risk-taking and an environment of learning from mistakes?  Why or why not?

3) Imagine you are in a group has been charged with promoting an environment that utilizes a proper balance of safety in choices and risk-taking.  What advice would you give to support this balance to create a culture of learning from mistakes?

4) Why is risk-taking critical to Challenge the Process?