Part A:

Compile a financial analysis paper 

Choose a publicly traded company and download the company’s most recent financial statement.  Based on those financial statements, answer the following questions

a.  History of the company-when it began, who was the founder, original reason the company was formed.

b.  What product or service does the company offer?

c.  Where does the company do business?

d.  Who are the competitors?

e.  Anything unique about the company logo, location, service, etc.

f.  Who is the company’s target market?

Compute the following ratios on that company;

a.  Cash ratio

b.  Current ratio

c.  Quick ratio

d.  Debt to asset ratio

e.  Receivable turnover ratio

f.  Inventory turnover ratio

g.  Return on Equity

h.  Net profit margin

Answer the question if you were the manager of this company what area of the financial statements would you improve and why?

Part B

Present your findings in a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 8-10 slides.

Managerial accounting project