Directions: Choose 1 locomotor skill, 1 non-locomotor skill, and 1 manipulative skill (listed on page 167).  Write three separate lesson plans to explain how to teach each of the skills you have chosen to young children around age 4-6.  It should describe how to do each skill in detail so the child will know how their body should move while executing the skills.  A lesson Plan gives explicit details about what you want to accomplish and how to best achieve that activity.  It should be written as if you are giving it to a beginner teacher who has never taught the activity before and needs clear and detailed, step by step instructions.

Helpful Notes:  There are some really imaginative ideas online for all of the motor skills.  Try to think of ways for the kids to use their imagination and HAVE FUN while they are learning these skills.  A lesson plan that involves teaching a specific movement type should list detailed steps of each body movement involved in the skill.  This will allow students to properly learn the required movement(s).  Consider breaking your Lesson Plans down into subtopics to better clarify what is needed for the beginner instructor to help students execute the complete skill.  Examples of subtopics might include: The Objective, Age Range, Activity Cues, Required Materials, Play Area, Description and Instruction, Activity Duration, Prerequisites, Assessment and Follow-Up.  Maybe add music to your lesson if possible.  Pictures can help illustrate the motor skill.  You will have three separate lesson plans when you are finished with this assignment.

Lesson Plans