Common Interview Questions Worksheet

1. Tell me about your strengths. Analyze a position of interest and list your strengths based on the top three competencies of the position. (Key attributes)

Strength 1:

Strength 2:

Strength 3:


2. List an example that demonstrates you using these strengths: (Be prepared to tell a complete an interesting story about yourself – (STAR: situation, time, actions & results)





3. Tell me about your weakness. Analyze the position of interest and find a required skill you do not have, write it as your weakness below.

Obvious weakness:


List an example of how you have overcome a weakness in the past.





Create a statement of how you will overcome this weakness using the example above to support your answer.


4. Why are you interested in this company?

Research the organization through websites, URL, YouTube videos, and LinkedIn profiles to answer the following questions.


How do your strengths align with the position?


How does this position fit in with your career aspirations, values, and goals?


5. How do you end on a positive note – What smart questions would you ask?




LLM: Master Common Interview Questions with Valerie Sutton

Interview Questions