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Hypertension Case study Paper


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15 pts



  · Define the patient’s disease process


· Explain the etiology of the disease process.

· Thoroughly explain signs and symptoms of disease process.

· State and explain any diagnostic measures utilized with this disease process.

· Cite sources

Assessment Data 10pt   · Clearly explain the difference between subjective and objection data.

· Identify Subjection and objection data that would be important to understand.

· Explain the information that would be information to understand from the chart.

· Identify the information from the chart that would be most helpful

· Identify what labs would be important to your assessment and why.





10pt   · Understand & explain first line treatment for the disease.

· Understand & explain second line treatment and why you would use second line treatment.

· Explain the patient’s medication: minimum of 3-5 medications.

· Explain the class of medication.

· Explain alternative therapies.

· Explain any Black Box warnings, contraindications, and nursing considerations for the medications.

· Identify 3-5 common side effects.

· Identify any medication interactions

· State the common indication for the prescribed medication.

· Explain 2 challenges that might prevent them from taking medication as prescribed.

· Cite sources






10pt   · Provide 3 nursing diagnosis for the patients (primary physical, psychosocial and education) pertinent to this client’s medical diagnosis.

· List health assessment priorities for the nursing diagnosis.

· State 5 or more appropriate interventions with evidence-based practiced rationale for each action stated for each of the 3 primary nursing diagnosis (cite sources).

· Explain relevant lab work that is required with this medical diagnosis.

· Cite sources

Plan of care



15pt   · Explain what the patient is at risk for.

· Articulate safety concerns or issues at home.

· Explain 2 challenges that might prevent the patient from seeking medical care.

· Articulate all patient education for the patient and treatment plan.

· Explain an understanding of the diagnosis and treatment.

· Identify 2 short-term goals & 2 long-term goals.

· Identify 2 outcomes for the patients.

· Cite sources.

Discharge Instructions



10pt   · Articulate appropriate discharge instructions for these patients.

· Articulate appropriate follow-up care.

· Cite sources.






10pt   The required elements include the following:

· Clear statement of subjective findings.

· Clear statement of objective findings.

· Clear statement of assessment findings.

· Clear statement of plan.

· Clear statement of interventions

· Clear statement of Evaluation


APA 20pts   All information taken from another source must be included on a reference listing using the 7th edition APA as per the Stratford University policy as of October 5th, 2020.


You are NOT allowed to use your book as a source Reference: You must use Peer Reviewed Sources/Articles.

Total 100 100  
Hypertension Case Study
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