1. Read the first paragraph of the excerpt from Foucault’s “The Order of Things” PDF. Think about a possible underlying ordering principle for the taxonomy presented there and post what you come up with here, along with thoughts about how this relates to our current topic.

If you want, you can read more of Foucault’s text in the file (we will talk about the rest in class), but this one is difficult, so only the first paragraph is required. This is new theory on a Thursday, since we’re still off-kilter because of the quiz day.

2. Based on Kafka’s text, draw (or sculpt/paint/glue/…) your version of what Odradek might look like and post an image (& bring it to class if you’d like). This is our example for Foucault’s “Chinese Encyclopedia.” How does it fit? Add a short reflection to your image (remember the 100-word minimum for homework tasks).

GER Week 7