Topic 1:


A Senior Financial Planner is delivering a virtual seminar, to which s/he has invited existing clients. Consider how the financial planner might employ their interpersonal skills to respond to the following tough questions.


1. A 65 year old client asks; “How will you communicate with us, to keep us updated on the markets, conduct our financial plan review, and so on, without in-person meetings?” Describe 3 communication methods they could use and the Interpersonal skills necessary to utilize.


2. An agitated 40 year old client asks; “I’ve read various articles about what to expect in the post-pandemic world; there will be high inflation, housing prices will soar, and taxes will rise significantly due to all the government debt we’ve incurred. What does this mean for my financial future? It sounds scary.” Describe 3 points to help re-assure the client and the Interpersonal skills required to communicate them. (Hint: Rise above the emotion and focus on financial planning principles that, when practiced with discipline, will help the client achieve their financial goals).



3. A 30 year old client asks; “I’m hearing a lot about Bitcoin millionaires. So, why aren’t we investing in Bitcoin?” (Describe 3 reasons why or why not you would invest client’s assets in Bitcoin and why clients feel they need this risky asset.


4. A 45 year old client asks; “I can’t help but think that the Pandemic, like the Great Depression, will affect everyone’s approach to their finances. I’m especially concerned about my Millennial children’s financial future. How can I help them build a solid foundation?” Describe 3 strategies and how you would convince a client to utilize them.

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