READ : Very Short Poems

Robert Morgan, “Mountain Graveyard” (540)

E.E. Cummings, “l(a” (541))

Randall Jarrell, “The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner” (574)

Margaret Atwood, “you fit into me” (625)

Emily Dickinson, “Presentiment” (626)

Ernest Slyman, “Lightning Bugs” (635)

Stephen Crane, “A Man Said to the Universe” (651)

Richard Armour, “Going to Extremes” (668)

Paul Humphrey, “Blow” (677)

Helen Chasen, “The Word Plum” (678)

Timothy Steele, “Waiting for the Storm” (689)

Robert Herrick, “Upon Julia’s Clothes” (704)

Matsuo Basho, “Under cherry trees” (717)

Amy Lowell, “Last night it rained” (718)

Gary Snyder, “Dent in a Bucket” (718)

Dave Lukas, “November” (913)



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