Ethical standards and sustainability measures are not just for marketing purposes. They have become key elements in modern corporate planning. As a result, the modern IT department has to plan and enact ethical standards and sustainability measures that support corporate design and intent.

Assignment Deliverables

For your main post, list an ethical standard or a sustainability measure that you have either seen implemented by an IT department, or which you feel would be appropriate for an IT department to implement. The standard or measure you select must be appropriate to the goals and operations of an IT department, and you must describe how and why this would work. How would it be implemented? Are there any potential pain points or pitfalls to such an implementation?

Support your work with at least one source that shows that standard or measure in use in a modern IT department or similar environment. For example, if your company has an ethical standard of not allowing IT personnel to see user passwords (they can only reset them), this is supported by most network operating systems including Windows, which hides user passwords from the administrator’s view.

When composing replies to fellow students, suggest a potential pitfall from their featured measure or standard or suggest some ways to deal with a pitfall that is being discussed. Remember to be constructive and professional in your responses.

Discussion Board (300-400) Words