Complete Unit URL: Context and Rationale Describe your classroom context, timing, and logical rationale for your unit project. Include an explanation of assigned time limits and expectations of student progress. Describe how students work at their own pace while adhering to the set time limit for the unit. How will students who fall behind be helped? How will students who work quickly to master content be challenged? Integration of the Marzano 9 Best Practices Describe the best-practice aspects of all nine strategies for inclusion within your unit. Where in your unit are you introducing each strategy, and where are you expecting students to be able to use each one? How are your instructions scaffolded to give each student the best opportunity to achieve grade-level mastery by the end of your unit? Learning Objectives and Standards How are your lessons and activities scaffolded to lead students to mastery of the overall objectives for the unit? How do your “Must Do”, “Should Do” and “Aspire to Do” elements guide your students to mastery? Be specific. Video Presentations Reflect on the differences between the Modern Classroom model of video lectures and the typical PowerPoint lecture presentation. How do active animations, embedded questions and reflections, focused topics, visible teacher, etc. work to increase student comprehension of the concepts? Learning Model – Collaborative Learning, Independent Practice, Mastery Checks What are the strength/weaknesses of the Modern Classroom delivery model? Include a discussion of opportunities to scaffold instruction, the use of mastery checks, the various options for students to learn at their own pace within a pre-defined length of time for the unit, and any other element of this model that bears reflection/review. Overall Reflection The Modern Classroom delivery model is a very different approach to planning and delivering instruction to students as it blends online and face-to-face instruction. Discuss your thoughts and feelings as you worked through this model. Describe your growth as a teacher as you worked through the process of writing the unit. Include a discussion of the Biblical integration theme of Paradigm Shifts and describe any paradigm shifts you experienced. Discuss the elements of this model. How can this model support the delivery of Tier II and Tier III intervention assistance to your students?