The Question

Pick a historical figure in the Ballet Historical Figures group list.

Read the paragraph about your figure in the “Major Figures in Ballet” section at the end of Chapter 5 in Learning About Dance (pages 67-72). Look up your figure in the Oxford International Encyclopedia of Dance, accessed through the MTSU Walker Library online (you may be asked to enter your MTSU Pipeline credentials). Newer artists may not be listed in this resource. Find one additional online source for information about your figure, including an image or video online that features the work of your figure, or if your figure is very old, a reconstruction of a work they were associated with.

Create an original thread and write a minimum of 100 words describing your figure’s contributions to ballet. Make sure to discuss innovations as well as major works and influences. Include a link to a video or image of your figure and list a minimum of three sources for your information. You may include our textbook and the Oxford International Encyclopedia of Dance if your figure is listed.

Respond to two classmates’ threads and write a minimum of 50 words in each response.

Student one

Anna Pavlova was a Russian ballet dancer. she was best known for her dancing techniques. her passion for ballet started when her mom took her to see a performance since she wanted to be a dancer, since then she knew ballet was for her. her first performance was when she was eleven years old. she was known for her beauty and dramatic dancing. she was very talented. she was trained by Petipa to gain the strength she lacked. after that she traveled the world to dance and was known all around the globe. she inspired a lot of dancers with her techniques. she spread ballet all over the world when she was touring around the world.

Anna Pavlova – Ballerina, Dance & Death – Biography

Anna Pavlova | Russian ballerina | Britannica

Anna Pavlova | The Sarasota Ballet

Student 2

Anges de Mille was born in New York City into a family of theater professionals. Her father and uncle were both directors in Hollywood. As an American dancer trained in ballet, she choreographed with companies such as the Ballet Russes de Monte Carlo, and the American Ballet Theater. She is known for the choreography in musical theater productions such as “Oklahoma”, in 1943, and “Carousel”, in 1945. In 1942 the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo asked her to create a ballet for that company. She choreographed a dance for them that become world-famous. Her dance called Rodeo was very successful. She danced the leading role at the Metropolitan Opera House on October 16, 1943, and received twenty-two curtain calls and standing ovations. Below is a picture that was captured during her famous dance “Rodeo”.




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