Just need to answer my potion of group paper

A.  Connectivity to Proposed System.  This includes whatever is needed for the end users to connect to the proposed system (both from the business locations and remotely, as appropriate).

1.  Scope.

2.  Infrastructure.

3.  Contract(s).

Then, for each category of components, include the answers to the following questions that are applicable to that item (remember not to use the question and answer format, but include the information in paragraph form):

·  Scope of what to buy:

o  What items in this category need to be acquired (list)?

o  Buy as a product or service? (some items may be purchased and others may be acquired as a service)

o  Commercial-off-the-shelf (including open source) or custom?

o  Will in-house staff or external contractors support custom development, integration, or sustainment?

·  What infrastructure will need to be acquired?

o  Will system hosting services be needed? 

o  How will connectivity be made available?

o  What security considerations should be included in the contracts? 

o  Will any specific hardware or software need to be acquired to provide security? 

o  Will Business Continuity requirements need to be included in the contract(s)?  

o  Will separate Business Continuity solutions or components need to be included or acquired? 

o  Are there any data management considerations to be included in the acquisition(s)?

·  What type of contract(s) should be used?

o  Purchase order?

o  Local commercial purchase?

o  Service Level Agreement?

o  Lease?

o  Subscription?

o  Service Agreement?

o  Competitively awarded contract?

o  Time and materials contract?

o  Fixed price contract?

Connectivity to Proposed System