Investor Presentation

Content Select a Fortune 500 company Imagine your manager has asked you to help with a presentation on the company’s financial performance at the company’s annual meeting.  Research financial information and key performance indicators for the company. Create a 10-

NURS682 Chronically II

Begin by identifying a patient from your clinicals who has a chronic health condition such as diabetes, COPD, hypertension, mental health diagnosis, and post stroke care. Discuss all aspects of healthcare coordination with the chosen diagnosis.


 For this assignment, consider that you are the health care manager at First Life Community Hospital.  Over the past year, occupancy has been low because of competition from hospitals offering services that are more efficient and innovative in nature. How

laws against bullying

  Here are questions to help guide your analysis:  What is the problem being addressed (explain, describe, and “prove” that it exists)?   Who is affected by this problem?   Why does this problem exist (identify the root causes)?  


  We all have different levels of tolerance for risk based on many factors – personality, life experiences, situations, etc.  Leaders make others feel safe in taking risks.  They also make it okay to make mistakes because it is often

John Rawl

  John Rawls considers justice as fairness. Is it ever fair to fly a drone (an unmanned aerial vehicle) over private property to capture images of that property? Does it matter that the property is owned by a public official who