CAS 464 Teaching Philosophy

Directions and Rubric

Summary: For this assignment, you will create a teaching philosophy and then pull important information from your teaching philosophy that discusses your believes about how children learn and how early childhood programs should be conducted.


Teaching Philosophy

  • Write a 4-5 page philosophy (these 2-3 pages should be CONTENT)
  • Title page and a reference page needed.
  • Include:
    • How children learn best through early childhood
    • The role of an early childhood educator (teacher or administrator) in working with children, families, coworkers, and your community
    • How classrooms and programs should be managed
    • Anything relevant to your pedagogy
  • Support your ideas with research based evidence
  • Must be typed and professionally written
  • APA format
  • This should reflect you as an early childhood educator and what you believe about this field

Grading Rubrics:

Topic Criteria Points
Content 2 Points q The following points are addressed: o How children learn best? o The role of teacher o Classroom Management o Teaching Pedagogy
Clarity and Evidence 1.5 Points q All points are fully explained q All points are supported by evidence (research-based evidence)
q All parts of the paper are present, in correct format, and complete on time. o Written APA formatted paper, including title page and reference page 2-3 pages of written content o Paper should follow standard English criteria o Spelling errors o None o Few o Many o Typographical errors o None o Few o Many o Sentences should be complete
o o o Few Always Sentences should be grammatically problems correct o Many problems
o o o Few Always Sentences should be properly problems punctuated o Many problems
o o Writing o Few Always should be organized problems o Many problems
Components, o Ideas o should follow a logical Paragraphs should have a clear progression topic sentence related to the central theme
Written Paper o Information within a paragraph should be logically related
Clarity & Style 1.5 Points o o Paragraphs should transition Sentences should be direct and logically to the not “run-on” next paragraph
o Writing o should be clear and Adequate information should situations/ideas specific be presented to fully explain
o o Information should be presented Opinion/interpretation and fact in an should be appropriate level of clearly distinguished detail
o All be required content should be clearly answered explained; assignment questions should
o Detail o No should be appropriate; extraneous information neither too should be included simplistic nor too detailed
o o Be Language should appropriate for formal, written work
o Avoid o Use contractions or slang course/scientific vocabulary where appropriate
o Explain unfamiliar or unusual terms
o and/or Information should be accurate citations (as appropriate) and supported by references, quotes,
o source) o In-text Statements of fact should be citations (if any) should supported by be in APA references (to format observation or
The reference page should include all text sources (if required)
Total Points: 5

Feedback and Notes: