The first thing you should watch is the video clip found at the following link:

The first part of your write up should work to analyze this Dr. Seuss video using two theoretical perspectives. First, I would like for you to use the Symbolic Interaction perspective to explain how inequality is being symbolically created within the Sneetch community, and why those “with the Stars” are not really the Bourgeoisie. Second, I would like for you to use the Conflict Perspective to explain how the concepts of False Consciousness, Conspicuous Consumption, and Bourgeoisie Exploitation are being depicted in the story. Third, Once you have the above written, I would then like for you to do some research on people and watch 30- 60 minutes of television advertising. It really does not matter what channel, what time, or what program you watch, they all do the same thing. Pay particular attention to the images, themes, and messages given in the advertisements. To be very clear here, this assignment is not about the plot of the show you are watching. Watch specifically for the themes related to social class in the commercials. What do the commercials project in terms of the class, and how do you think this varies from the social class of who is actually watching and being targeted by the adds? What items of Conspicuous Consumption, or “Stars” are being sold? After you have finished watching, summarize your findings and explain if Karl Marx and Thorstein Veblen would say people are any different than a Sneetch