Assignment: Brochure

Here is our first project for the course. You are to create a Brochure about your topic. You may use the templates that are provided in Microsoft Office or you may choose to create your brochure without the templates. It is my suggestion to you that you find a brochure template that suits your needs and use the template. This is the easiest way to get started if you have never done a brochure before. The brochure must be a tri-fold with information on both sides. It must advertise, include graphics appropriate to your audience, and be professionally designed. 


Brochure Templates in Microsoft Office:

You will find that there are many templates provided that will help you create a very attractive and informative brochure.

You need to study the template first, and then compile the information into a Word Document. This will allow you to collect information for each sections and find your graphics before you actually build the brochure. This is the best way to stay focused and organized. After you have your material organized, it is a matter of copying and pasting it into the brochure. You will need to use the text boxes provided in the template to add text. To get your graphics to stay where you want them, go to the menu bar and insert a text box where you want the graphic to be then place your graphic in the box.  This is a simple and easy way to create a nice brochure without expensive design software.  A brochure gives specific information: the who, what, when, where, how to do, addresses and contact information. It is also very important to use graphics as attention getters and to add to the attractiveness of the pamphlet. You can of course use the help section in the menu bar to guide your design.