Interactive Smartphone Observations

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Smartphones are now an ever-present part of people’s lives; it has become common practice to individualize a smartphone to reflect a person’s life. They can provide quite a few clues about the owner, both from the smartphone itself to the information contained on it.

Select 1 smartphone image below to investigate for this assignment.

For the image you selected, make observations about the smartphone by clicking on each of the hotspots (pluses) on each image to access more information from the apps. You’ll be using your observations to determine who the smartphone’s owner (the audience) could be for your return note.

Consider the following questions in your analysis:

· What inferences can you make about the owner based on the home screen or apps on the smartphone?

· Can you make any assumptions by observing the type of smartphone and its condition?

· What might the smartphone reveal about the owner, such as their health, values, age, or wealth? What are you first reactions?

Complete the Audience Observations Activity document.

Phone 1


Graphical user interface  Description automatically generated




Phone 2

Graphical user interface, application  Description automatically generated


Phone 3

A picture containing electronics  Description automatically generated

Please reference these phones as many times as you’d like.  Take any observation from this activity to complete your assignment.

Audience Observations