Audience Observations Activity

Complete this activity using the smartphone image you selected from the Interactive Smartphone Observations activity.

Consider the following questions as you analyze your selected image:

· What inferences can you make about the owner based on the home screen or apps on the smartphone?

· Can you make any assumptions by observing the type of smartphone and its condition?

· What might the smartphone reveal about the owner, such as their health, values, age, or wealth? What are you first reactions?


Complete the questions below using the corresponding instructions.

1. Below list 3 to 5 observations about your selected smartphone. For each observation, provide 1 inference about the smartphone’s owner (audience).


*Provide a smartphone observation. Example: Lots of unread messages

*Provide an inference about the smartphone’s owner/audience. Example Maybe the person is very busy


Observation 1

Observation 2

Observation 3

Observation 4

Observation 5


2. Assume you were able to determine the smartphone owners email address. Consider what you observed about the smartphone and what you believe are characteristics of its potential owner.

Consider how what you learned about the owner might affect your word choices or sentence

Structure when writing to that person. Based on those considerations, draft a message to the

Owner offering to return the smartphone.




3. In a few sentences, identify which of your observations impacted the note you wrote to the

smartphone’s owner. Provide how your knowledge of your audience affected your choices as an author.

Audience Observations