As telehealth becomes more commonly practiced, there are questions that arise around its effectiveness, patient confidentiality, and legal concerns for practitioners.

  • Describe an example of telehealth.
  • Explain some of the benefits and limitations that exist for this situation.
  • Do you feel that as a practitioner you would be able to complete a full assessment of a patient utilizing telehealth?
  • Collaboration is important in providing care for a patient, describe how telehealth impacts collaboration amongst practitioners.
  • Discuss how you would ensure that you communicate effectively and respectfully with other health care professionals in the telehealth environment.
  • Discuss concerns that arise around HIPAA and telehealth. Provide an explanation of legal concerns that you have with implementing telehealth.

Support your summary and recommendations plan with a minimum of two APRN approved scholarly resources.

ANP 654 DQ 1