Your first task is to be sure you have access to the entire documentary.  IMPORTANT: Be sure to use the documentary OJ Made in America, a film by Ezra Edelman. Do not use the miniseries American Crime Story (which is also about OJ).  You can find OJ Made in America in all kinds of places for streaming. If that doesn’t work, you can also purchase the film on Amazon DVD and Blueray. 

Link to the movie:


Dear all, episode #4 present a MULTITUDE of topics that make for fascinating research and conversation.


FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT: By the due date submit an online text entry as a response to this Assignment where you choose ONE of the topics . You should focus on a CJ concept that you’re passionate about, and preferably one that relates to your specialization.

Make your online text entry equivalent to how long a 4–5 page essay would be in a double-spaced Word document.

In your online text entry, go into detail describing and assessing the topic you’ve chosen — provide more detail on your topic than is provided in the documentary, and explain how your entry helps the viewer to better understand what has been covered as of now in episode 4

In order to this successfully, gather your information from both academic and “public” sources. “Public” can be expansive newspaper sources or resources such as The New Yorker, The Atlantic, etc.  I want you to use at a minimum TWO academic resources (journal articles) and TWO “public” sources. More is fine, of course (although I would probably limit your entry to how long a (let’s say) 4 page essay would be).

A good way to judge the quality of your entry is to ask yourself whether the reader would come away from the experience with a deeper, more nuanced knowledge of OJ / LA / race / policing etc as a result of reading your entry. At the end of your entry please provide me with citations in APA format. Don’t simply copy/paste info from journal articles / newspapers etc into your entry — write in your own words.    Thanks.

4-5 Pages Needs A Tutor Finish In 40 Hours